Shear methodologies in use today result in a variety of droplet sizes that follow a normal distribution curve – resulting in only 1% of droplets that are the desired size. cyphoPrep’s technology results in consistently, correctly sized droplets that can achieve the theoretical maximum of usable material per assay.


Unlike “shear” methodologies in use today, which essentially agitate or stir samples to produce droplets, cyphoPrep formats PCR reagents into uniform droplets by driving fluids— by centrifuge or vacuum pressure — through a microfluidic embedded in the bottom of a microcentrifuge tube or at the bottom of each well in a plate.

PCR reagents and oil flow coaxially through a narrow gap that effectively extrudes a laminar flow of reagents to form an emulsion composed of highly consistent droplet sizes with a coefficient of variation (CV) of less than 10%.  This affects an estimated 30-fold increase in usable sample over existing methods.

Devices containing cyphoPrep technology are designed to operate on standard laboratory equipment. Simply load the reagents and run as you would a spin column or filter plate.

Producing accurately sized emulsions not only reduces sample size requirements and PCR reagent consumption, it also reduces the need for sample cleanup, potentially eliminating multiple steps from the workflow entirely and enabling new assay types that were previously inaccessible.

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